We help the people who have mild developmental disorder, and support their parents.
We give the advice and the improvement how to be better their life and future to them.
Especially, we lead for ADHD people.
* ADHD = attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
You can find some friends. ⇒ social gathering
You can get information. ⇒ information
You can take advice. ⇒ consultation or counseling
You can learn. ⇒ lecture or seminar

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  • 〒862-0950 2F Ooura bill.4-52-48
  • Suizenji-chuoukuku-Kumanotoshi-Kumanoto ken,Japan
  • Phone:+81-96-237-7651
  • E-mail info@sakuranokai.jpn.org

Please contact us more about below.

★ Do you have any troubles or worries?
★ Have you ever been mentioned about your developmental stage?
★ Do you have any developmental people in your relatives or friends?
★ Do you want to get a job?
★ Do you want to teach to children who have ADHD?